Meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of every month, starting with January.  Meetings commence at 7:00pm and are currently being held in St. Peters Church, Old Hurst.  Members of the public are most welcome to attend and a short period of time is set aside before the meeting is formally opened, for members of the public to address the Council on matters that appear on the agenda.  Once the Parish Council meeting begins, members of the public cannot take part in the discussions.

Minutes of the meeting are agreed at the meeting following when they were recorded and will be posted here in draft format in the meantime.

Please note that you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read or print the accounts documents. If you don’t have the reader you can download it here.

Meetings – 2024

10th JanuaryAgenda
17th January Extraordinary MeetingAgenda
15th February Extraordinary MeetingAgenda

Meetings – 2023

18th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
15th MarchAgendaMinutes
17th May Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
17th May Annual Meeting of the Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
12th JulyAgendaMinutes
13th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
8th NovemberAgendaMinutes
15th November

Meetings – 2022

26th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
16th MarchAgendaMinutes
6th AprilAgendaMinutes
11th May Annual Parish MeetingAgenda
11th May Annual Meeting of the Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
8th JuneAgendaMinutes
20th JulyAgendaMinutes
28th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
19th OctoberAgendaMinutes
16th NovemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2021

20th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
22nd FebruaryAgendaMinutes
17th MarchAgendaMinutes
5th May Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
5th May Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
21th JulyAgendaMinutes
15th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
17th NovemberAgendaMinutes
20th DecemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2020

15th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
18th MarchAgendaMinutes
20th May Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
20th May Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
15th JulyAgendaMinutes
16th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
18th NovemberAgendaMinutes
17th DecemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2019

16th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
20th MarchAgendaMinutes
3rd MayAgendaMinutes
30th May Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
30th May Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
17th JulyAgendaMinutes
15th AugustAgendaMinutes
18th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
29th OctoberAgendaMinutes
20th NovemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2018

17th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
28th FebruaryAgendaMinutes
21st MarchAgendaMinutes
25th AprilAgendaMinutes
16th May Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
16th May Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
16th JulyAgendaMinutes
3rd SeptemberAgendaMinutes
19th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
7th NovemberAgendaMinutes
21st NovemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2017

18th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
15th MarchAgendaMinutes
12th AprilAgendaMinutes
17th May Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
17th May Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
19th JulyAgendaMinutes
20th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
15th NovemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2016

20th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
16th MarchAgendaMinutes
18th May Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
18th May Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
20th JulyAgendaMinutes
21st SeptemberAgendaMinutes
16th NovemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2015

21st JanuaryAgendaMinutes
11th MarchAgendaMinutes
20th MayAgendaMinutes
July 15thAgendaMinutes
16th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
30th NovemberAgendaMinutes

Meetings – 2014

16th JanuaryAgendaMinutes
19th MarchAgendaMinutes
31st March Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
21st MayAgendaMinutes
21st May Annual MeetingAgendaMinutes
18th June Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
23rd JulyAgendaMinutes
21st August Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
17th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
19th NovemberAgendaMinutes


Between April and June of each year the Parish Council holds an Annual Parish Meeting and in May an Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

At the Annual Parish Meeting the Chairman produces a report on the progress of the previous year and plans for the forthcoming year.  This is not a formal Parish Council Meeting, registered electors can raise matters of concern.

At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council the Chairman and Vice Chairman stand down and are re-elected by the other member of the council.  Every four years there is an election of the whole council.

It is quite normal for the clerk to also act as the Responsible Financial Officer.

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